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A Pennsylvania Pardon is Your Fresh Start

  • Ashamed of your public record?

  • Denied a Job or Promotion?

  • Can’t get an apartment?

  • Want to buy a firearm? 

What can a Pennsylvania Pardon do for you?

  • Restore Your Civil Rights;

  • Allow you to vote;

  • Allow you to serve on a jury;

  • Allow you to Adopt Children;

  • Restore your Gun Rights

  • Deny the existence of the criminal offense on any type of application for employment

  • It makes your offense eligible for an EXPUNGEMENT.

Clear My Record PA is one of only a few firms in Pennsylvania that handle Pennsylvania pardons applications.  We have assisted many clients through the often overwhelming bureaucratic maze created to trap applicants so that they will eventually give up.   It can be complicated and demoralizing.

Get a Pennsylvania Pardon with an Experienced PA Pardon Attorney.

  • We can help you through the process which can be long and arduous.  Many applications submitted are not considered because the application fails to meet the Board's requirements.  Increase your odds by retaining an experienced Pennsylvania Pardon Attorney.

  • In order to retain our firm, we require that you must first submit your case for an evaluation before we will agree to represent you.  We only accept a limited number of cases every year so we can focus on the ones we do accept.  We also evaluate every case for it’s likelihood for success.  

No One Ever Gets a Pardon.  Why Bother?

  • We tell our clients that you can’t win the lottery if you don’t play.  Plain and simple you should apply.  The worst that can happen is that the governor says no.  The governor does grant pardons.  It is not as hopeless as many people think.  

Do I Need a Pardon to Clear My Record? 

  • Do you have a conviction that you wish could just go away?  Maybe you got in trouble when you were younger or many years ago when you were a much different person.

  • Pennsylvania Pardons are typically the only available option for individuals with a criminal conviction in PA.  If you have any questions regarding whether you are eligible for an expunction, non-disclosure, motion to set aside, or a pardon.

  • Applying for a pardon is no easy task.  In fact it is a very lengthy and complicated process.

  • The good news is that we can help you!  We have the experience to help your through the process to assist you in submitting a successful application.

What is a Pardon?

  • Pardons refer to a constitutional procedure by which the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons in public office reviews an application for ‘clemency’ (which asks to have the applicant’s criminal conduct ‘pardoned’ or forgiven). Clemency includes:

    • Full pardons after conviction

    • Full pardons after successful completion of a term of deferred adjudication community supervision

    • Conditional pardons

    • Pardons based on innocence

    • Commutations of sentence

    • Emergency medical reprieves

    • Family medical reprieves.​

What is the Effect of a Full Pardon?

  • For those convicted of a felony offense, a full pardon restores certain citizenship rights forfeited by law, such as the right to vote, to hold public office, to serve on a jury, and to serve as executor or administrator of an estate. Information on qualifications for voting may be obtained from the local county clerk’s office or the Secretary of State.

  • A full pardon removes barriers to some, but not all, types of employment and professional licensing.  Professional licenses are granted by the state licensing board for each profession, and individuals may contact those boards directly to learn whether a pardon is necessary or sufficient to restore eligibility in a particular field. 

  • A person receiving a full pardon after a conviction is entitled to an expunction of all arrest records relating to the conviction.  This is not automatic but only results from petitioning the appropriate county court.

Pennsylvania Pardons For Employment Reasons

  • You may be seeking a pardon to improve your employment opportunities. The good news is that after you receive a full pardon it will remove most of the barriers that affect certain types of employment and professional licensing opportunities. The bad news is that not all of the barriers are removed. You will have to contact the board of licensing directly to see if a full pardon will allow you to be granted a license to work in a profession.

Conditional Pennsylvania Pardons

  • A conditional pardon will not restore a person’s civil rights or rights of citizenship. A governor can and will revoke a pardon if a person does not fully comply with their conditions of release.

What is a Posthumous Pardon?

  • A posthumous pardon may be granted by the Governor upon written recommendation of the Board when a person convicted of a felony offense is deceased. A person acting on behalf of the deceased must submit the application.

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